Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh the monotony of house hunting!

So Evan and I have been searching for a house for six months now, and it feels like the search is never going to end. Someone out bid you....Someone ripped apart the house so the government won't let you have this one...Investors swooped in and bought it and are going to jack up the price and then you can try and buy it again....Someone got mad that they couldn't pay the mortgage and were losing their house so they peed on everything and took everything out of the house and sold it....These are all the things we have run into and trust me the list goes on and on! Recently it has gotten even more difficult because Evan and I are just biting at the bit to get our own place. There is no reason for it but we turn it into an argument or battle just because we are so frustrated in general. Luckily we are smart enough and love each other enough to recognize what we are doing and apologize and realize how much we love each other all over again but it is getting so old, getting our hopes us just to be let down!

We both know that we just need to let go and that God will provide for us and that he knows what is best for us and will make it all possible when we are ready. It is just so difficult to remind yourself to relinquish that control that you feel you have over your life and remind Him that "we get know what you are doing!"

So here's to another day of more house searching... let us know if today is the day Big Guy!

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