Saturday, June 13, 2009

So here goes my first blog... I have never done this before so it might take me a couple tries before I perfect the art of talking in third person and updating people :) Today it has officially been three weeks since Evan and I got hitched! We got slammed with to-do lists and people to converse with the weeks before the wedding so now we are just trying to catch up on correspondence and get our daily lives organized!

Evan is in his second week of management training at Oregano's and he is really loving it! He knows how to cook every pizza, salad, and is working on pastas! He is secretly taking mental pictures of everyone's favorite recipes, so we are in luck! He is training at the Gilbert location, which is nice because it is that much closer to home! The hours have been a little crazy but I have a feeling they are only going to get more intense as he begins to manage his own store.

Theresa is starting summer school in two weeks. She is taking a argumentation class, as if she really needs help in that department! Until then she is keeping busy with work as well. She is still at the Tempe location, but can hopefully get a little closer to home soon!