Monday, August 3, 2009

Cross our fingers!

So here we go... We have debated whether or not to post this little factoid for the main reason being we don't want to get our hopes too high...but here goes nothin!

This little beauty could be our next pride and joy! It's and older home we found in Mesa, that we put an offer in on and THEY ACCEPTED IT! We should be receiving the contract soon and if all goes well come September 22nd, it could be our new home!!! Evan and I are deep down secretly thrilled that we found a house and that all seems to be going down the right path, on the outside though we are attempting as best as we can to play it cool and act like its no big deal :)

The house needs a little TLC but we are willing and excited to see how we can make it our own!!!

We will keep you updated!

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