Sunday, July 19, 2009

Life as we know it!

Well Evan and I have had a great big taste of the real world these last couple of weeks. When we got home from the honeymoon we had seen Evan's car engine light come one...days later it BLEW UP!!! I am not over exaggerating either, it was smoking and sparking, the smoke filled the entire street it was so bad! So, lalala, we go to get it fixed rack out a decent car tab and then drive it for one day and it breaks down again=undrivable! SO now we are just in a holding pattern while it sits at Craig the Car Guy's shop. We don't know what to a new to have this fixed eventhough we would almost be paying more than what it's worth! Shesh such decisions! Not only that but within the same day we take the dogs to the vet and rack up a nice little tab there as well! Not to mention we found out that we are horrible parents and let Goose get overweight! Or maybe his grandmothers contributed to that! All together lots of adultness hit us in the face this month! And I am ready for August already!!!!!

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