Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Well hello again

Simply put I'm sorry I have neglected my blogging responsibilities! Evan and I have been quiet the worker bees the bast 6 months and now it is finally all paying off! We have worked so hard on our casa to make it a home and slowly but surely its about there! We are now in the fun phase of owning a home and that would be decorating!! We are done ripping up floors, tearing out walls, and getting new toilets! We were actually really lucky to have the help of so many friends who have lended their services to us! A big thanks to Andy who just made a world of difference in our bathroom installing all new gadgets and chroming it out. My husband has never been so excited about his new chair height elongated toilet...apparently it makes all the difference haha.

Pictures will come shortly! Not of the toilets per say....of the house in general ha

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